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Definition of EPC

Lab Prof. Engineering Construction In EPC Turnkey Solution

How to adhere to the profession of a laboratory has been a major problem for both the constructors and builders in the process of building. And after comparing with those international advanced labs, we can easily be convinced that these differences do have nothing to deal with neither the technology nor the total investment but the conductor's philosophy and concept on the aspect of construction.

Laboratory and general architecture are based on two totally different forms of the concepts, the planning and construction are not the same neither.

Considering the advanced international concepts, and with the help of the widely popularized innovative service of EPC turnkey solution,and the procedures of comprehensive planning, customized production,and installation as planned, our EPC solution has been much more safety,economy,convenience,and relaxation a,.

As the soul of the entire laboratory building,the professional engineering will determine the success or failure of the construction and building for the lab.

As the key procedure of the lab building, the process designing of the laboratory system is ahead of the architecture planning which will fully influence the advanced nature of the laboratory.

The core systems of our professional lab consists of 4 parts: Laboratory Safety System, Laboratory Centralized Supply System,Laboratory Hosts and Service System,Protection System for Laboratory Environment.

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